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12, Some Streeet, 12550 New York, USA
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TH Productions has experience in producing music videos for a wide variety of styles — from classical music to reggae, from dance to indipop. Each track has its own style and tempo and therefore requires a special, matching music video. TH Productions can make it happen for you! Click below to view a varied selection of music videos that we have produced from beginning to end.


After graduating from the Utrecht School of the Arts as a scenario writer and director, Timo Hensen decided to start his own company so he could combine his passion for telling stories with the excitement of life on set while shooting a film. Because Timo always tries to get the most out of himself and is never satisfied with anything less than the very best, you as a customer of TH Productions can rest assured that your film will be made with the utmost care and is not seen as a ‘quick side project’. We carefully monitor the quality of our productions because your film is also a reflection of us!
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The only way to keep up with this fast-paced world is to have all the latest technology available. We are all too aware of this and therefore only work with the very best. While not yet common standard, we already shoot in 4K quality upon request, meaning four times Full HD (1080P). This lets your viewers see your message with utmost clarity.